Rickard Karlsson

Technical Product Manager

What’s it like to do advanced research at a university and then being able to apply all that knowledge to the development of a new and revolutionary product for the automotive industry? Rickard Karlsson, Technical Product Manager at NIRA, knows.

Technology is a fascinating thing. Take our product Tire Pressure Indicator, for instance. While all you see is an icon that lights up on the dashboard, under the surface there are a lot of things that need to click for that to happen.

When it comes to technology, sensor fusion and automatic control has always been close to my heart. So, what started as an M.Sc. in Applied Physics & Electrical Engineering eventually became a PhD in Automatic Control/Signal Processing. Today I’m a Docent in Automatic Control, and one day a week I work as an Associate Professor at Linköping University.


At NIRA, I work in Development where our aim is to continuously improve the performance of our products, always making them smarter and more adaptive. Working as both a Systems Engineer and an internal Project Manager, I’m involved in anything from monthly releases to development plans, and generally keeping things together.

Being able to apply science from the university to our products is of course inspiring. This was the case with our product Map Aided Positioning, and being part of that development has been very rewarding – all the way from the initial research to finally being able to get into one of our demo cars and see the product in action. I’ve also been fortunate enough to go on quite a few expeditions, to meet our customers and see our solutions at work in different environments, from the USA to China and Mongolia.

As for the future, I’d say that although Tire Pressure Indicator is very well established, we cannot rest on our laurels. Regulations and conditions change all the time, and we must adapt our solutions accordingly. At the same time, this is what spurs the development of new technology – and I would definitely say that we’ve been successful so far.