Mats Widmark

Systems Engineer

Having spent fourteen years at Saab, a couple of years as consultant in Italy and the USA, and three years in Switzerland as a member of a Formula One team – you may find yourself wondering what to do next. To Mats Widmark, the answer was simple: you become a Systems Engineer at NIRA Dynamics.

As you could probably tell from my background, I’ve always had a keen eye towards both cars and aircraft. Being part of the automotive industry, but at a smaller, more flexible company such as NIRA – where you can really make difference – is an exciting opportunity for sure.

As a Systems Engineer at NIRA, I am responsible for our MATLAB™ based analysis tool. It’s a role that, to me, has the perfect balance of hands-on technological development and customer contact. This allows me to draw upon my knowledge of vehicle dynamics and programming, as well as my experiences from working abroad. Naturally, there are differences between the German automotive industry and the Italian, and to be able to work with both is a privilege. As a senior engineer, I also feel my experience comes in handy when dealing with what is often a very complex reality. As I see it, engineering is the delicate art of solving problems without creating new ones, and although it’s often regarded as very analytical and logical work, we trust our guts more than one might think.

What I like best about working at NIRA? I would say that … well, if you want to work in the automotive industry, this is where it’s happening. Although NIRA has grown significantly over the years, compared to most companies in this industry, we’re still a small player – but we’re a small player that can make a huge difference. At NIRA, everybody’s very committed to what they do. The atmosphere is fun, friendly and international, and I believe we all feel that we can truly make things happen.

In my view one of our biggest challenges is time – because there are so many opportunities out there. We have the drive and the motivation, we have an excellent working environment, and we already have a world-leading solution. So it’s not really a matter of if we will be able to make all our ideas come true. The only question is when.