Marius Rölland

Business Unit Manager - Vehicle Onboard Analytics

What started as an interview for a Master Thesis – from a payphone in Mongolia – soon developed into a rewarding career where the first defining step meant choosing between jobs at Saab, Airbus in England and NIRA Dynamics. Meet Marius Rölland, Business Area Manager, Vehicle Onboard Analytics at NIRA.

What attracted me to NIRA? Well, first of all it was the technology in and of itself – and the sensor fusion expertise, of course. Having majored in ”Teknisk Fysik och Elektroteknik, inriktning Mekatronik”, I wanted to work in either aviation or the automotive industry. In the end, the fact that NIRA was a smaller company, where I felt I could make a difference, was a deciding factor. Little did I know, though, that it would be the beginning of such a long and exciting journey.

After three years as a Systems Engineer, working with both Volkswagen and Audi – which gave me a really solid foundation – I moved on to become a Project Manager, and then I kept on working in that role for an additional three years, before moving on to working as Head of Strategy and Quality, while also being part of the management group. The role, which I kept for two years, is a really interesting role, especially considering that quality today is a much wider term than what the classic definition implies.

In fact, quality is very closely tied to the overall strategy of a company – hence the job title – and in that role I had the opportunity to lead both our Quality Assurance Team and our Strategy Team. That allowed me to take part in both the hands-on, day-to-day development as well as the more long-term strategic work. Everything from defining our vision and setting new company goals for the future – a challenge which is particularly inspiring knowing that NIRA is a company where you’ll always have the ability to make things happen.

For the last year, I have moved on to become a Business Area Manager for our Vehicle Onboard Analytics area. The role stretches from business development and sales, to personell development and the responsibility for our product development. Luckily I have a great team around me that makes it possible for me to continue focusing on the long-term strategic plans as well as the growth of our current business.

As for the future, we’re now standing on the threshold to some very exciting times. With all that’s happening in the automotive industry, not least when it comes to self-driving cars, NIRA is very well positioned and as we’re now actively broadening our product portfolio, I really do believe that the possibilities are endless. We see so many opportunities in the horizon. We just have to figure out how to get there.