Josefin Storm and Martin Chan

Systems Engineers
China Backoffice Team

Working as a systems engineer at NIRA is about so much more than crunching code, that’s for sure. Meet Josefin Storm and Martin Chan, two talented engineers who joined NIRA right after graduation to enter a collaborative, international work environment – where Shanghai seems to be just around the corner.

Josefin, who studied Mechanical Engineering at Linköping University, joined NIRA in 2017. Having heard lots of good things about the company culture, she visited the company a few times, quickly realizing that this was exactly where she wanted to be: “I’ve always been interested in the vehicle industry, due to its big impact on society, and I wanted to be able to work towards a more sustainable future”, Josefin says.

Martin, on his end, studied Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at Lund University, before joining NIRA in 2018. He had discovered NIRA on LinkedIn and come to the conclusion it was a perfect match – so perfect, in fact, that he decided to make the move from Lund to Linköping, starting a career in the vehicle industry.


“For me, it was more about the software development itself, being able to work with world-class technology. Today, however, I’m also interested in the environmental aspect of things. It’s nice to know that NIRA is able to make a difference”.

Today, Josefin and Martin works as colleagues in a customer adaptation team for Tire Pressure Indicator on the Chinese market, optimizing the performance of the software and tuning the algorithm to meet various customer requirements.

One of the challenges with this job is no doubt the international aspect; the cultural differences, language barriers and of course the time difference when working so closely with partners and customers in China: “Working towards Chinese customers, together with our Shanghai office, we have daily contact with our colleagues in China – so communication is of course a big thing”, Josefin explains, and goes on to reveal that she has travelled there on occasion, to hold technical trainings with some of NIRA’s existing customers.

Martin emphasizes the job variation: “I like the fact that we’re working on several projects simultaneously, and the projects are definitely overseeable, spanning 6-12 months, so you always have the end goal in sight.”

Both Josefin and Martin describes the NIRA culture as open minded, with an ambition to always do better – and to do it together as a team. There’s lots of freedom and you can take on as much responsibility as you’d like, even early on, if you want to.

Josefin also encourages more women to apply, emphasizing that NIRA is so much more than cars – it’s about improving mobility, and having fun on the way: “If you’re interested, you should definitely come to one of the events we do for female engineers. It’s how my own journey here at NIRA started, and today I’m involved in these events myself – so hopefully I’ll meet you there!”