Andreas Hagemann

Systems Engineer

When Volkswagen releases the next generation of their immensely popular Polo car, it will feature a revamped version of NIRA’s flagship product; Tire Pressure Indicator. Considering that we’re talking somewhere along the likes of two million cars, making sure that everything works according to plan is of course a huge responsibility. Meet Andreas Hagemann, Systems Engineer at NIRA.

How I ended up at NIRA? Well, after my Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, I actually spent the first years of my career as a financial advisor. Then, I started as a Systems Engineer and Project Manager at HiQ. During this time, I worked as a consultant for NIRA – and I enjoyed working here so much that I eventually applied for a job. After all, I wanted to see my project through to the end.


Today I have the technical responsibility for the new version of Tire Pressure Indicator which will be featured in the new Volkswagen Polo cars. In addition to adapting the system to the specific size and weight of the car, we also need to ensure that it works as efficiently no matter what tires are used or where you’re driving – from the blistering cold of northern Sweden to the dirt roads of Brazil. It’s a challenge, to say the least. But it’s also something that I love about this job.

My role also includes a lot of customer contact, primarily with the engineers over at Volkswagen and Bosch. This suits me really well and it’s something I very much enjoy, especially knowing that it may be rather unusual for an engineering role. All in all, I’d say that my job is very varied – one day I might be programming by the computer, the next I’ll be in the car testing something out. Or I may be travelling somewhere.

I also enjoy the freedom that NIRA allows its employees – it is truly a modern and unique workplace where your competence and work morale is trusted and valued. For instance, you’re allowed to choose your own hours or work from home, as long as it benefits the project. With offices all the way from the USA to Shanghai, we naturally have both the technology and the organization required to work this way, allowing us to cooperate closely wherever we are. Which, of course, also makes it a lot easier to tend to our personal lives.

So, if you’re an engineer looking for a challenge and also a lot of freedom to do your thing, I say go for it! In my opinion, NIRA is very much the perfect workplace.