Welcome to
NIRA Dynamics, and
the next level of mobility.

We are NIRA Dynamics. You may already know us as the world-leading provider of indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. Today, we are working in a number of areas to contribute to the next level of mobility – responsible mobility. Where people are safe, and sustainability is a given.

At NIRA Dynamics, we are all about innovation and exploration. Driven by great minds that think alike – and differently – we find smarter solutions and develop what doesn’t exist. Always sharing one clear vision: to make transportation safe and hassle-free, using software only.

Today the automotive market is transforming into a mobility and transportation market, and autonomy is becoming central. With our existing solutions and continuous innovation in our two business areas; Vehicle Onboard Analytics and Road Perception, we are a key player in this development.

From helping car manufacturers increase their competitive edge, to making road maintenance more environmentally-friendly – or enabling the self-driving cars of the future – in the end, it’s all about one thing and one thing only.

That’s safer and more efficient travel.



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