• Summer internships at NIRA 2016

    During the summer 2016 NIRA have had 4 summer interns. A few weeks after the summer break is over and the studies have started we managed to get some words with Mattias, Lage, Erik and Jesper when they were visiting NIRA.

  • NIRA participation at Autonomous Vehicles Detroit a success

    End of August, NIRA participated with a demo team at the Autonomous Vehicles event at MGM Grand, Detroit. The two products Road Surface Information (RSI) and Tire Grip Indicator (TGI) were demoed ...

  • New phase

    NIRA is entering a new phase

    Summer has come to an end but NIRA is entering a new phase. The new offices are ready and we have started to make ourselves acquainted with Wallenbergs Gata 4. ”We have been looking for facilities...


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